8/19/2020 UPDATE

If you have notarized petitions ready to turn in or need to find a notary, please contact: martinsvillelp@gmail.com

Petition turn-in/notary events:

8/19 – 8/20 – Northern Virginia – must have in hand by noon on 8/20
Katie Wilson – 402-304-5481 or katherinewilson20@gmail.com

8/20 – Virginia Beach – 6:00 pm
Panera Bread – 300 Constitution Dr Ste. 101, Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Nick Dunbar – 703-309-6301

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Our 2020 ballot access petition drive has begun!

Need to sign the petition? Please fill out this form HERE to have someone locally meet you.

If you have notarized petitions ready to turn in, please mail them expedited OVERNIGHT no later than 8/19(arrive 8/20) to:

Washington Building
1100 Bank Street, First Floor
Richmond, VA 23219

If you need to try to find another way to get them to Richmond, please email martinsvillelp@gmail.com

A successful petition drive depends on hard working volunteers to help get the job done. Every valid signature saves us time and money that can be applied to other necessary areas.

Please consider DONATING HERE to ensure that every Virginian voter has the opportunity to vote Libertarian in November.

New to petitioning? Check out these tips: Part 1, Part 2

Before printing the pages below, it’s important to remember these things:

1) Make sure the sheets are printed 2 sided. The front and back pages of each petition sheet must be on the same piece of paper.

2) You must personally witness every signature. You can’t leave pages unattended and not witness the signatures if you are the one distributing the petition.

3) Those who obtain petition signatures must be legal residents of the U.S.; in addition, they cannot be minors, nor can they be felons whose voting rights have not been restored. Also, those who obtain petition signatures must have the petitions notarized.

4) You cannot witness your own signature. (That is, if you sign a petition and then have it notarized, your signature will not count.)

5) When your petitions have been notarized and are thus ready for submission, you should not send the petitions to the Department of Elections. Rather, you should contact a local petition drive coordinator and arrange transfer of the notarized petitions to that local coordinator.

NOTE: Please do NOT alter the names or any wording on the petition. The names listed on the petition are placeholders that allow us to start collecting in January prior to our nominating convention in May.

Download the Letter size PDF (8.5″ X 11″)
Download the Legal size PDF (8.5″ X 14″)

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