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June 9th, 2021 – Richmond, VA

Libertarian Party of Virginia’s House of Delegates Candidates

Please join us as we celebrate the following House of Delegates candidates who will be representing the Libertarian Party of Virginia on November’s ballot.

Dean D Davison House of Delegates 19

Charles T West IV House of Delegates 91

Sarah Jerose House of Delegates 22

Tim Lewis House of Delegates 88

Joe Paschal House of Delegates 61

Michael Bartley House of Delegates 94

Unfortunately, a lack of a fair electoral system means this was not the complete list of our candidates seeking nomination. The Commonwealth only recognizes the Republican and Democratic political parties. This requires all other candidates to go through grueling ballot access requirements that cost time and money. Fair elections don’t exist when the state silences candidates from the beginning.

In this unprecedented time during the pandemic, the Virginia Department of Elections claims they offer both paper ballot and electronic ballots for signature for those that are not automatically on the ballot. Collecting signatures by hand during a public health crisis was widely frowned upon and discouraged in favor of a socially distanced electronic ballot in a system called ELECT. The problem is that ELECT never worked.

The ELECT system became operational almost two weeks before the ballot signatures were due. Furthermore, the day before the cutoff for signatures, the ELECT System was non-operational. Candidates were told that they would be able to upload electronic signatures, only to be later informed this option was only for statewide candidates due to limitation in the system. Many of our candidates were unable to secure ballot access due to dysfunction of government systems and corrupt laws that silence our party.

This morning, other parties shared in delight their ballot nominations. The Libertarian Party of Virginia and our proud candidates will once again rise to the challenge of standing up to the government and protect the voice of the smallest minority – the individual.

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