Libertarian Party of Virginia: All Your Freedoms, All the time!!!
LPVA Chairman gives perspective to Price Gouging during COVID-19

Commonwealth of Virginia, March 28, 2020. The Libertarian Party of Virginia (known
herein as the LPVA) proudly announces new elected leadership to move the party into
our 2020 election cycle and to deal with issues facing our Commonwealth.

Libertarian Party of Virginia Chairman Nick Dunbar spoke out about price controls
and the importance of a free market economy. Dunbar said “which do you prefer: not
buying because the price is too high or not buying because the shelves are empty and
you can’t? Wouldn’t you prefer to at least have the option?

In a normal freely functioning economy a rise in demand will drive prices up. As prices
rise, the suppliers ramp up production. As prices rise consumers will buy less. These
factors combine to keep shelves stocked.

Most people don’t hoard because they fear temporarily rising prices, they hoard because
they fear long term shortages. Once prices return to normal, hoarders will have
inventory they can’t use.

If prices are maintained at artificially low prices via price controls (aka anti-gougings
laws) suppliers will not be able to meet the extra expense of increasing production. On
the demand side artificially low prices encourage over-buying (aka hoarding). Join us in
asking Governor Northam in lifting price controls. #Restocktheshelves.”

Once social distance restrictions are lifted be on the lookout for Libertarian Party of
Virginia activists, candidates, campaigns, supporters and leaders visiting your local
communities. In the meantime your attendance is welcomed at LPVA online events as
well as social media postings and chats.

About the Libertarian Party (LP):
The Libertarian Party (LP) was founded in 1971 by David F. Nolan in Westminister,
Colorado. The LP was formed in part due to concerns about the Nixon administration in
the Vietnam War, conscription and the introduction of fiat money.

The LP is the third largest political party in the United States. The LP promotes civil
liberties, the second amendment, non-interventionism, laissez-faire capitalism and
limiting the scope of government.

The Libertarian Party of Virginia (LPVA) is the Virginia affiliate of the United States
Libertarian Party. The current party Chairman is Nick Dunbar.


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