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Richmond, VA, February 28, 2017 – On Friday, February 24, 2017, the State Central Committee of the Libertarian Party of Virginia (LPVA) voted to censure party member Nathan Larson and began proceedings to expel him from the party. The member is attempting to gain ballot access for the 31st District House of Delegates race as an independent candidate.

“Nathan Larson does not have and will never receive the Libertarian Party nomination,” states LPVA Chair, Bo Brown. “He espouses many archaic and dark ideas that fly in the face of libertarian philosophy. The Libertarian Party believes in equal rights for all people. No matter how he attempts to rationalize his opinions, they are far outside the realm of the Libertarian Party Platform. If he persists in his campaign for office, he will find that his ideas and previous writings are considered repugnant to the people of Virginia and rightfully so.”

About the Libertarian Party of Virginia

The Libertarian Party of Virginia is an official state affiliate of the Libertarian Party of the United States. Derived from the word liberty, the term Libertarian reflects a deep commitment across our membership to act in support of the defense of freedom, as well as a strong emphasis on personal responsibility. The wider organization’s steadfast dedication to the ideals of liberty has earned it a reputation as the Party of Principle. If you would like to know more about the LPVA, or donate to our efforts, please visit

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UPDATE: “The State Central Committee of the Libertarian Party of Virginia voted on March 26, 2017 to expel Nathan Larson as a member of the party. The motion to expel passed unanimously.”

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