January 6, 2021 – Richmond, VA


The Libertarian Party of Virginia Condemns Violence and Destruction

The Libertarian Party of Virginia (LPVA) strongly condemns today’s violence and destruction by protestors. We do not believe in or advocate for the initiation of violence as a means of achieving political or social goals. Today’s acts of violence have since resulted in unnecessary local curfews for Virginians, multiple injuries and, unfortunately, death. This is unacceptable and measures must be taken to discourage such displays of aggression in the future.

The violence and aggression carried out can be attributed to the long documented exclusionary practices of government operations. For too long, partisan extremists have dominated our electoral process at the expense of independent minded Virginians. Individuals are encouraged to display aggression against each other on extreme ideals instead of uniting on common principles of liberty and freedom. Virginia has a diverse population and the current biased two-party system does not support that diversity in the voting booth.

Clearly, reforms in both ballot access and voting practices are needed to regain the confidence of the American people. Virginia is no exception. It is wrong that the LPVA, the voice of liberty for Virginians, should be forced to meet restrictive and expensive petitioning requirements while other parties are allowed access based on precedence. Current voting practices in Virginia support and feed on fear. Restrictive curfews in both local governments and throughout the Commonwealth continue to feed this fear while attempting to strip liberties away from individuals. There is a problem when politicians continue to rely on safety and encourage fear. This must change.

The Libertarian Party of Virginia believes that individuals should have the right to vote for politicians who represent the people. Electoral practices supporting politicians that represent extreme ideals or corporations must no longer be protected. We demand ballot access reform. We demand voting reforms. Give Virginians the opportunity to vote for what they believe in – NOT what the politicians want them to believe in. Give Virginians the opportunity to be free.


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